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As children grow and develop they will experience many different things in their lives including an accident or two! Minor cuts and scrapes may well be commonplace however no child should have a serious accident that could have been prevented such as a fall from a window or a scald from a cup of tea.

Very young children are unable to look after themselves so it is important that their environment is made as safe as necessary to help reduce the chance of an accident. As children grow they need guidance and education on how to stay safe and this website will give you invaluable information on how you can help to look after your child whether it is in the home, on the road or on or around water.

Go Safe Scotland has been developed as a resource for use in schools for children to learn about safety across all disciplines and this is your resource, as a parent or carer, for you to play your part. Here you will find information on home safety, road safety and water safety. Each of these subject areas will cover key areas of concern, offer safety information, give first aid information, test your knowledge in the form of a parent safety check, and look at products and resources that are available to you.

Children are constantly surprising their parents with what they can do as they grow up and it is well worth visiting this site regularly to refresh your knowledge on different aspects of child safety. We all have a part to play in the reduction of childhood injuries.

To check your knowledge on safety issues please also see the Parents' Safety Check.

Babies and children may find themselves in a situation where first aid is required. Having the skills and knowledge to cope with some of the most common accidents is very beneficial. Please see the first aid section for some essential information on treating some of the most common accidents.