Child Safety Scotland



Child safety equipment for the home is widely available and equipment that may be of benefit at different stages of your child's development can include:

  • Safety gates. Safety gates are recommended for the top and bottom of the stairs and the best time to install them is when your child becomes mobile. Safety gates must only be used up until the youngest child turns 24 months, as per the manufacturer's guidance.
  • Window restrictors should be used where a child is most at risk (on windows above the ground floor) and should restrict the opening to no more than 10mm
  • Corner cushions. While corner cushions may not prevent an accident, they certainly help to reduce the severity of an injury should a child fall against furniture with sharp corners
  • Blind cord safety devices. Looped cords, particularly those associated with blinds, should be kept out of the reach of young children and there are many different styles to choose from to help keep the cord out of reach.
  • Furniture straps. Children love to climb on furniture, especially when something has been placed out of their reach. Straps are available to secure items of furniture to the wall and it also advisable to ensure that flat screen televisions are also suitably secure so they cannot topple onto a young child
  • Safety harness
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    Safety harness. A five point safety harness should be used in a child's high chair and buggy to help prevent falls
  • Door jammers. Door jammers are used to help prevent a door from fully closing and thus ensuring there are no trapped fingers. These devices must be removed from doors at night time for fire safety reasons
  • Bath mats. Bath mats are available in many different sizes and colours and are a useful product to help prevent falls in the bath
  • Fire guards. Fire guards help to reduce the incidents of burns to young children and while a guard is being used it must be secured to the wall or fire surrounds
  • Cupboard locks. Cupboard locks are a useful piece kit that come in many different forms and help to restrict access to cupboards when cleaning products and medication are kept.