Child Safety Scotland


There are many useful sources of information available to you as a parent that you can access and you may find the following of use:

RoSPA home safety position statements: This document contains position statements on a range of Home Safety issues. These are RoSPA's views which are supported by RoSPA's National Home Safety Committee. As other issues emerge or the picture changes with regard to an area covered by these position statements they will be reviewed and updated.

Child Product Safety Guide: The European Child Safety Alliance (ECSA) has launched the Child Product Safety Guide: Potentially Dangerous Products. This guide contains key information on products that children and families have regular interaction with, but are at risk of injury during their use.

Child Accident Prevention Trust: The Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) is a UK charity working to reduce the number of children and young people killed, disabled or seriously injured in accidents.

Home Safety Scotland: Home Safety Scotland is made up of a group of practitioners with an interest in home safety who meet every two months to discuss how to take home safety forward. Safety events across Scotland are reported on and there is also useful information on child safety in the home.

Scottish Burned Children's Club: The Scottish Burned Children's Club is an organisation that helps children, up to the age of eighteen, who have sustained burn and scald injuries. The main aims of the charity are twofold, firstly to help in the rehabilitation process of these children and to provide support to their family. Secondly it is the club's aim to play a key role in the reduction of such injuries by raising awareness of the problem and promoting safe practice in relation to the dangers associated with burns and scalds.