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Adult seatbelts are said to save over 2000 lives every year on Britain's roads. We all recognise this and even more so when it comes to children.

Most accidents involving children and cars occur when they are being carried as passengers. It is imperative they are carried as safely as possible. Whilst we recognise the need for children to be carried in a recognised Child restraint, do we really know which is most appropriate for the child and compatible with our particular vehicle.

With very few exemptions, by law all children under 135 cms in height and up to the age of 12 years must not be carried in a vehicle unless they are restrained in an appropriate child restraint. Having reached this height or age they may be carried using an adult seatbelt.

Further information on appropriate child car restraints can be found at

All other information you may require about carrying a child safely in a car can be found at

Carrying children safely

Carrying Other Peoples Children

What do I do when asked to take care of a friends child on a regular basis and have to collect them by car when I don't know which seat they require?

This is a dilemma we have all potentially faces whether on a regular basis as a carer or child minder or even in a emergency style situation just to help a friend out.

All the advice you may need about the appropriate seat, types of journey and other legal requirements are available at

These web pages all the necessary advice which is also available as a download at Carrying Other People's Children Safely (PDF 430kb)