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Child Car Restraints

It is important when considering buying a child car restraint to make sure it not appropriate to the size/weight of your child but also it fits your particular car.

When buying always take your car with you and ask for a demonstration.  Many good retailers across Scotland have signed up to the Good Egg Charter.  Staff within stores displaying the Charter Logo will have specialised staff capable of giving advice and guidance.

Road Safety Proffesionals and other trained individuals also run Car Seat Clinics where restraints can be checked and advice given.  A list of clinics in Scotland is available through

High Visibility Wear for Pedestrians

There is a greater chance of any pedestrian being seen by other road users when they are wearing High Visibility or reflective clothing especially in low light conditions or inclement weather when lights are being used.

The actual clothing can be a specifically designed jacket or a normal garment with specific areas adorned with reflective material.  Often back packs with reflective strips or tags can be as effective.