Child Safety Scotland

Inland Water

At Inland Waters always pay attention to signs at canals, lochs and reservoirs.

Reservoirs and lochs can be appealing. In the summer, water looks tempting to help cool down on warm days but there are many hazards to consider.

The water might be a lot colder and deeper than expected. Debris, underwater man made features and natural vegetation can cause a significant risk whilst swimming and getting out of the water can be harder than expected.

In winter, you should always take care around the edges of water as the snow can obscure them. Keep dogs on a lead and talk to your children about the risks of playing on frozen water. Falling through ice into water will result in cold water shock.

In an emergency

  • Call the emergency services
  • Reassure the person
  • Do not put yourself in danger but if possible through something buoyant such as ring buoy or ball.

Pond Safety

Pond Safety