Child Safety Scotland

Water Safety in the Home

Child in bath

Playing in water can bring endless amounts of fun to children. Children’s inquisitive natures should be encouraged however supervision is essential around water as young children can drown in as little as 5 centimetres. Young children also drown silently so you may not be aware of what has happened until it is too late. The bathroom may seem like the most obvious place in the house where children need to be supervised however consideration also needs to be given to other sources of water such as cleaning buckets and vases of flowers.

In the bathroom

Bath time can be fascinating for babies and toddlers but you need to stay with your child at all times while they are in the bath, even if they are bathing with an older sibling. While a bath is being filled an adult should always be present and the bath should be emptied straight away after use. Remember, while filling a bath, cold water should be used first to help reduce scald injuries to young children.

Bathing aids such as bath seats are available however they are not to be viewed as safety devices and babies should never be left unattended in one as they can topple over and trap a child or a child may wriggle free of one if left unattended.

In the kitchen

Homes with wooden or laminate floors may well be getting mopped daily however cleaning buckets can pose a hazard to young children if they are left full. They can also cause scald injuries if hot water is used. Buckets and basins of water should be emptied after use.